Indie Woodland Wedding: Amanda And Andrey


Good day my friends! Today we’re kicking things off with this wedding story from Amanda and Andrey. Their event took place in The Mountain House located in the indie woodland’s Adirondack Mountains. Their wedding proved to be a gorgeous affair and Amanda took care of all the floral arrangements by using dried flowers and placed them in their specialty beer bottles to signify her passion for home beer brewing which had become one of her favorite pastimes. I like their hand-stamped paper items as well as Amanda’s Leanne Marshall wedding dress. Also having these shades of mustard yellow all throughout the decorations really gives off that fun-loving feeling which the couple has been known for. Here’s what Amanda can share about the meaning behind the venue:

The Adirondack Mountain is such a significant place for both of us. I went on vacation here during summertime since I was a kid and Andrey has been hiking this area since his college days. Were going 46 now and we often spend the weekends hiking and exploring in this beautiful piece of land. So during our wedding, we want to have that spirit of the mountains in our special day.

Huge thanks to Emma McIntyre Photography for providing us these stunning pictures of the wedding and besr wishes to Andrey and Amanda!

patfurey-wedding-02 patfurey-wedding-03 patfurey-wedding-04 patfurey-wedding-05 patfurey-wedding-06 patfurey-wedding-07 patfurey-wedding-08 patfurey-wedding-09 patfurey-wedding-10

Our choice of music – Processional: “Razzle Dazzle” by Camera Obscura, Recessional: “I Can See the Pines are Dancing” by AA Bondy, First Dance: “Singularity” by Bright Eyes

patfurey-wedding-11 patfurey-wedding-12 patfurey-wedding-13 patfurey-wedding-14 patfurey-wedding-15

I love seeing Amanda and Andrey riding bikes on their wedding day! This moment was captured as the couple was taking their exit “ride” at their recessional and it’s so fun watching them. Wow, such a unique way to make a ceremonial exit!

patfurey-wedding-16 patfurey-wedding-17 patfurey-wedding-18 patfurey-wedding-19 patfurey-wedding-20

And these photos are some of the couple’s post-ceremony portraits. These pictures are a killer, right?

patfurey-wedding-21 patfurey-wedding-22 patfurey-wedding-23 patfurey-wedding-24 patfurey-wedding-25

The love the festive mood they incorporated while decorating the tent. The entire area was adorned by these color buntings, the apple place cards, and dried flowers! The relaxed feel of the decoration was felt around the area and it blended accordingly to the rustic surroundings.

patfurey-wedding-26 patfurey-wedding-27 patfurey-wedding-28 patfurey-wedding-29

Our most memorable part of the wedding – The sky was getting dark and black clouds started looming the whole place during out reception dinner. We can even see the rain falling on the peaks over the distance. Even so, Andrey and I decided to slipped out for the moment and enjoy the view of the place and marvel at all of its magnificent views. We were able to absorb the amazing feeling of the moment and we did without with having a single drop of rain falling on us.

patfurey-wedding-30 patfurey-wedding-31

Wedding advice – Making plans for your wedding is a very special time and it should always be fun. Just be happy being engaged and find time to enjoy the planning experience. Andrey and I have been involved in making most of our wedding projects and it was in those moments that I’ve learned to cherish our experience and make it more meaningful.

Venue: The Mountain House Keene, New York // Floral: DIY // Wedding Dress: Leanne Marshall’s Ellie Long // Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens Lacy Sandal // Groom’s Suit: J.Crew Ludlow  // Bowtie: Fox & Brie // Paper Goods:  NativeBear // Catering + Cake: Chair 6

Canadian Mountain Elopement


This couple’s Canadian elopement is an epitome of finest simplicity and everything pretty. Since Adina and Lukasz began planning their wedding, they wanted to have a day that’s all about them and their love for each other and do away with the traditional wedding celebration. For those couples who might want to consider the idea of following this type of elopement, you might want to know some of these reasons to convince you even more: Adina and Lukasz was able to save money and since they chose to elope rather than having a usual wedding, they have managed to do a road trip and travel to some parts of the country for a month! Sounds really enticing right? Here’s more about their special day from their photographer, Emma McIntyre:

I really admire when couples decide to exchange vows just the way they wanted, without having to deal with the pressures brought about by friends, family, and even norms being set by the society. Adina and Lukasz were able to do that and it came out to be very beautiful. What supposed to be an Alaskan road trip suddenly became their elopement. The couple have already packed their camping equipments and prepared their dog Major for the trip which started on a trek west going to their hometown destination of Toronto. They both exchanged their vows beside a creek overlooking the stream going to the Kicking House River. It was a simple ceremony, but everything lovely.

BC-elopement-02 BC-elopement-03

From the Bride… It’s so important to hire an awesome photographer to take your pictures! Lukasz and I are both glad that we got Emma to be our photographer for the day as she was able to capture all of our special moments even to the tiniest details! Our pictures meant a lot to us and we’re just happy that we can have something to treasure forever.

BC-elopement-04 BC-elopement-05 BC-elopement-06 BC-elopement-07 BC-elopement-08 BC-elopement-09 BC-elopement-10 BC-elopement-11 BC-elopement-12 BC-elopement-13

Adina donned herself with a custom made Wai Ching wedding dress and accessorized herself with jewelries from her grandma and wore moccasins to give tribute to her native heritage…

BC-elopement-14 BC-elopement-15 BC-elopement-16 BC-elopement-17

After having a few poses in the woods, Adina and Lukasz both decided to get a very unique type of wedding bands. Since this couple is so involved in doing jobs which required them to make use of their hands, they chose to have tattoos of both their initials in both of their left fingers so that they won’t need to remove their wedding bands when doing work! How Sweet!

BC-elopement-18 BC-elopement-19 BC-elopement-20 BC-elopement-21

Wedding advice – Whenever planning for an elopement, always choose a place that comes with a package. We booked ourselves with this elopement package from a lodge that we found and it came with just about everything from the officiant of the ceremony, strawberries covered in chocolate, and even a doggy bed for the best man! It would be nice to have all of these details packed in one place so to make your wedding less of a hassle and will relieve you from feeling stressed at the same time.

Venue: Cathedral Mountain Lodge British Columbia, Canada // Wedding dress: Designed by the bride, completed by the Green Guide

Intimate Iceland Wedding


Today we are going to share this gorgeous and intimate wedding of Kathleen and Steven that was help at the Hotel Buoir in Iceland. The couple decided to take advantage of the natural beauty of the surroundings and make it as their main backdrop for the wedding. But in spite of having these natural elements, they also added personal details to maintain a wedding theme that surely for them. In fact, Kat and Steve have managed to create some of the unique and special elements of their wedding that surely all their guests would love to cherish these pieces for a very long time. Here’s what the couple can say about some of their DIY projects for their Iceland wedding:

Steve and I considered our preparation is as important as the actual wedding day itself. We spent many hours making every single detail so that all the guests could see them as very special. Some of our visitors came all the way from Brazil just to attend our wedding and this was one of the ways we have shown them how thankful and appreciative we are for sharing this day with us. I spent most of the year making these hand-knitted fingerless gloves that were included in our welcome bags and they were all silk screen into having this words like ‘Ta’ which means thanks in England, ‘Takk’ for thanks in Icelandic, and the usual ‘thanks’ in American English. Steve also hand carved the wooden signage to guide the guests to the different areas of the event: ceremony, reception, photo booth, and etc. We really put a lot of effort on all of these things to make our visitors feel special in every way possible.

Many thanks to Emma for masterfully creating these lovely images and sharing these photos for us to admire and best wishes to Kathleen and Steven!

iceland-wedding-02 iceland-wedding-03

Iceland is a surreal place for wedding celebrations. It’s one of the few areas here on earth where you can find breath taking beauty anywhere you look…

iceland-wedding-04 iceland-wedding-05 iceland-wedding-06 iceland-wedding-07 iceland-wedding-08 iceland-wedding-09 iceland-wedding-10 iceland-wedding-11 iceland-wedding-12 iceland-wedding-13

Our most memorable part of the wedding – We kept our wedding and engagement rings inside a wooden box. Kat’s nephew who was our ring bearer for the day took the duty of carrying the rings for us and as he opened the box the rings suddenly fell on the ground. Steve tried to retrieve the rings, but all he got was a handful of sand after many tries. The official bent down and he was able to get the rings right away. Everyone laughed at what happened at it was a chance for us to lighten the mood of the ceremony for just a bit.


Aside from that, while not being at our wedding day technically (but still remained close to both of our hearts) our 2 visitors from Brazil got engaged the day after the wedding. In fact, we just got home after attending their wonderful wedding in Sao Paolo, Brazil!

iceland-wedding-14 iceland-wedding-15 iceland-wedding-16



Don’t you think Kat and Steve are gorgeous in these pictures? I just love looking at these portraits of both of them…

iceland-wedding-18 iceland-wedding-19 iceland-wedding-20 iceland-wedding-21 iceland-wedding-22 iceland-wedding-23

The wedding celebration ended when everybody went to the beach and surrounded a bonfire and continue talking until the morning comes. It’s really a perfect way to end a beautiful wedding…


And be sure to check out their wedding video courtesy of Emma McIntyre!

Wedding advice – Start planning your wedding early and think of the things that you want to get the most of from your wedding experience. Makes you dreams come true. For us, we have to focus our attention to detail in making the invitations and stationary which we think added more appeal to the location and our guests surely love it.

Venue: Hótel Búðir, Snæfellsnes, Iceland // Event Planning: Bride // Floral: Agnes Lind Heiðarsdóttir // Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet, Pricilla of Boston // Bridesmaid Dress: The Green Guide // Shoes: Rachel Comey  // Hair and Makeup: Ólöf Eyjólfsdóttir // Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss “Ryan” // Catering: Hótel Búðir // Cake: Mosfellsbakarí

Secret Scottish Elopement On The Isle Of Skye


The Isle of Skye is an island situated several miles from the nearby civilization and can be only accessed by boat. This very island is the place that captured our Damian and Laura’s heart as they decided to hold their intimate elopement particularly at the Loch Coruisk. Damian was able to visit the isle and hiked on the place six weeks prior and he instantly realized that this is the very place where he could see himself exchanging vows with Laura. The couple them immediately made plans for this during the next following weeks and they all did this in secret! It was such a romantic move of the couple right? Then one last secret remained and that was a surprise proposal by him to her. After which, Laura had been travelling Skye for a day while wearing her engagement ring and then they got married the day after. Here’s more from Laura on why she and Damian decided to have an intimate elopement:

A secret elopement made to the last minute felt just right for the both of us as it reflected our low profile yet adventurous type of personalities. We have an enormous family and many friends and we really wanted to share this day with all of them. But all of this just came at an instant and all we did was simply following our hearts so we had a traditional Scottish ceremony with hand fasting and Gaelic blessing…

Thank you Emma of Emma McIntyre Photography for capturing all the intimate and wonderful moments of this couple and sharing it to us. Congratulations to Damian and Laura for having this beautiful day that was only meant for both of you!

isleofskye-elopement-02 isleofskye-elopement-03 isleofskye-elopement-04

Damian and Laura hopped into the Austen Healey sports car and took a road trip to the remote village called Elgol and then they started heading their way into the Skye island by riding on a boat. Now that’s what you call a real wedding adventure!

isleofskye-elopement-05 isleofskye-elopement-06 isleofskye-elopement-07 isleofskye-elopement-08 isleofskye-elopement-09

Our most memorable part of the wedding – Upon arriving to the Isle of Skye, the rain started falling heavily and it was almost impossible for us to capture the beautiful scenery of the place. Even during the morning of the wedding when we were about to get our car at the garage, we weren’t pretty unsure if we surrounding mountains of the Loch would be visible enough for taking pictures. Our most unforgettable moment has to be the time while had at the boat and during our arrival at the location of the ceremony. The mist suddenly dissolved as we approached. Leaving the beautiful Cuillen mountain range on the backdrop and it was shown in full view which was truly and awesome sight to see!

isleofskye-elopement-10 isleofskye-elopement-11 isleofskye-elopement-12 isleofskye-elopement-13 isleofskye-elopement-14 isleofskye-elopement-15

Damian and Laura’s private ceremony took place in the gorgeous looking terrains of the Skye Mountain. These pictures are simply breath taking…

isleofskye-elopement-16 isleofskye-elopement-17 isleofskye-elopement-18 isleofskye-elopement-19 isleofskye-elopement-20 isleofskye-elopement-21 isleofskye-elopement-22 isleofskye-elopement-23 isleofskye-elopement-24 isleofskye-elopement-25 isleofskye-elopement-26 isleofskye-elopement-27

And these portraits taken after the ceremony looked incredibly stunning too!

isleofskye-elopement-28 isleofskye-elopement-29 isleofskye-elopement-30 isleofskye-elopement-31 isleofskye-elopement-32 isleofskye-elopement-33 isleofskye-elopement-34 isleofskye-elopement-35 isleofskye-elopement-36 isleofskye-elopement-37

Wedding advice – Don’t feel obliged to throw an expensive wedding. We were able to make the ‘Just Married’ sign the night before the wedding and our slate heart (which can be found in our kitchen today) were just made from our kids chalk.

And why spend a year on planning for a wedding if you can do everything in 15 days? Small weddings can be as equally fun and romantic as the bid ones. Just be creative because your imagination is the only thing that’s limiting you.

Venue: Loch Coruisk, Isle of Skye, Scotland // Accommodations: Spar Cottage // Boat Trip: Misty Isle Boat Trips // Florals: Simply Flowers // Bride’s Gown: Kudos // Hairpiece: Debenhams // Bride’s Boots: River Island // Makeup: Dior // Sporran: Armstrongs Vintage // Groom’s Shoes: Zara

Carneros Inn Napa Wedding


Emma (of whom Brigid and Andrew have found here at our very own website) who was the photographer of this couple’s wedding stated that Andrew and Brigid wanted to find a modern location to hold their wedding celebration. It’s was that kind of place that exudes a rustic feel and yet it’s still as cozy like the feeling you have when you’re at home.  They have managed to find that place in Napa, California and the name of the place is the Carneros Inn and it was seemingly right for the place was just right on the budget that the couple immediately work on decorating the place. They both wanted to have a special day with lovely rustic elements such as flowers placed inside galvanized buckets and some cool escort cards placed in wooden board that can really inspire others to make something similar! And I’m so in loved with Brigid’s Temple London dress fitted her incredibly and the complimentary decors of ivory, green, and lavender color palettes that you don’t often see in most wedding events. Here’s what Brigid can say about one of the important aspects of their wedding day:

We wanted to have a gathering where our friends would be highlighted all throughout because we consider them as the extension to our family. We envision a weekend having personal elements and that everybody would have a great while enjoying each other’s company in one place. And indeed it was. The whole weekend was full of great food, overflowing wines, and an occasion filled with pure love and never ending laughter. Most of our visitors were from the east coast side of Los Angeles, so we thought of making Napa as our mid-point location so that everybody can get there without any hassles.

carnerosinn-wedding-02 carnerosinn-wedding-03 carnerosinn-wedding-04 carnerosinn-wedding-05 carnerosinn-wedding-06 carnerosinn-wedding-07 carnerosinn-wedding-08 carnerosinn-wedding-09 carnerosinn-wedding-10

The bouquets for Brigid and Andrew’s wedding are textured with different types of blooms and it was all made by Julie Stevens Design!

carnerosinn-wedding-11 carnerosinn-wedding-12 carnerosinn-wedding-13 carnerosinn-wedding-14

Our choice of music – Processional: “We Belong” by Pat Benatar which was played by a string quartet, Recessional: “You’re So Cool” by Hans Zimmer (taken from the movie ‘True Romance’), First Dance: “Everything I have Is Yours” by Billie Holiday.

carnerosinn-wedding-15 carnerosinn-wedding-16 carnerosinn-wedding-17 carnerosinn-wedding-18 carnerosinn-wedding-19

Our most memorable part of the wedding – Our most memorable part would have to be the part when we were walking back on the aisle after tying the knot. Andrew loved this movie entitled TRUE ROMANCE so we got a song from this movie which was ‘You’re So Cool’ and had a string quartet play this song for our recessional. The moment was surreal as we walked together on that aisle as we were holding hands and overwhelmed with the feeling of love. This is one moment that will surely stay with us always and forever.


Their escort cards for the wedding remind me of the story last year which included String Heart DIY project! Are you thinking of making a incredibly beautiful project like this for your wedding?

carnerosinn-wedding-21 carnerosinn-wedding-22 carnerosinn-wedding-23 carnerosinn-wedding-24 carnerosinn-wedding-25 carnerosinn-wedding-26 carnerosinn-wedding-27 carnerosinn-wedding-28

Wedding advice – Avoid planning your wedding for a year. We were able to put ours in a matter of 90 days and it somewhat forced us to make quick decisions that would have otherwise made us worried for no apparent reason at all.

Venue: The Carneros Inn Napa, California // Event Planning: Baker Creative Production // Floral: Julie Stevens Design // Wedding Dress: Elisha Dress by Temperley London // Shoes: Pour La Victoire // Bridesmaid Dresses: J. Crew // Makeup: Aidan Keough // Hair: Janet Miranda // Groom’s Suit: Dries Van Noten // Paper Goods: Vera Wang // Music: Lawrence String Quartet